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2/10: Author reading at Danny's Guitar Shop in Narberth, PA

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Photo of Danny Gold by Pete Bannan for Main Line Media
I stopped into Danny's Guitar Shop in Narberth, PA recently to get the action lowered on a sweet Sylvia parlor guitar that was just too hard to play. Though I'm perfectly content with my electric guitar collection of two--an orange Gretsch and a glittery seafoam Danelectro--I've struggled for years to find the right acoustic guitar. I learned to play on a Gibson jumbo, a beautiful instrument that emits a deep warm and woody sounds. But it's huge. A few years ago, I bought an acoustic parlor Republic through Craigslist. Then I realized the neck was too wide. Meanwhile, this old beater Sylvia has been hanging on our living room wall, dismissed as decoration. We brought it to Danny's to get it checked out. They were able to lower the action, and now, at long last, I finally feel at home with an acoustic guitar. A parlor of one's own. 
In any case! All that to say that while I was there I got to chatting with the charismatic and fascinating Danny Gold. He bought a couple of books and we talked about music, and now he's invited me to come and do a reading at his shop. I'll read a little bit from Ode to Billie Joe, and talk about my reporting process. We'll do a Q&A session. I may screen some archival film. Afterward, we'll probably head to the bar. You should come, and please let me know if you are so we can make sure we have enough space. I'm at If you don't get to email, come anyway, but if you do get to let me know ahead of time, that'd be great. 
Danny's Guitar Shop is located at 102 Forrest Avenue, Narberth, PA 19072.
See you next-next Tuesday!